The Ministry of Internal Affairs has approved a single schedule for the admission campaign to higher education institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 2022

We remind you that in 2022 it is possible to enter a full-time bachelor's degree by state order on the basis of an entrance exam (without the need to submit the results of the national multi-subject test).

Admission to the master's program of KhNUIA in 2022 without external evaluation! 

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and persons involved in the Territorial Defense Forces, police officers, rescuers, persons of the rank and chief staff of the State Penitentiary Service, National Guard, State Border Guard Service, State Penitentiary Service, Prosecutor's Office, Judicial Protection Service, State Bureau of Investigation, Security Services of Ukraine etc. (in the case of confirmatory documents), when entering the university for a master's degree at the expense of individuals and legal entities (contract) to the Faculty № 6, participate in the competitive selection based on the results of only the professional exam, which is held at the university.

KhNUIA cadets donated blood for wounded servicemen

Cadets of the Faculty No. 3 of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs once again became donors. Young men and women donated blood and its components for the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are undergoing treatment.

Binary lesson on the basics of criminal analysis

Professor of the Department of Operational Investigation and Crime Detection of the Faculty No. 2 Andrii Khankevych, together with the investigator of the investigative department of the Criminal Investigation Department of General Criminal Cases of Kamianets-Podilskyi MDNP in Khmelnytskyi Region Vitalii Atamaniuk, conducted a practical binary class on the basics of criminal analysis for 4th year cadets of the Faculty No. 1.

Participation in training on providing pre-medical assistance

Tetiana Matiushkova, Associate Professor of the Department of Criminology, Forensic Expertise and Pre-medical Training of the Faculty No. 1, completed the training "Stopping massive bleeding", improving her knowledge and skills in providing pre-medical care to victims of injuries that lead to massive bleeding. 

Cultural, aesthetic and sports education of university cadets

Weekends of cadets of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs are always full of interesting events and activities aimed at the personal formation of a modern young person - educated, literate, patriotic, with a broad outlook. 

Tactical shooting competition

A tactical shooting competition was held for cadets of Faculty № 1 and № 4 of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs by Volodymyr Yevtushok, a lecturer of the Department of Tactical and Special Physical Training of Faculty № 3. 

KhNUIA in the ranking of Ukrainian universities by popularity on the Internet by UNIRANK (2022 Ukrainian University Ranking)

Uni Rank University Ranking is an international non-academic ranking that includes the rankings of almost 13,800 officially recognized universities and colleges from 200 countries of the world. The ranking of HEIs is based on reliable indicators of their web presence and popularity on the Internet, which are provided by independent sources of web analytics.


Interactive technologies and cloud servers in online education

Larysa Sazanova, a Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Faculty № 4, took part in the International Professional Development of Scientific, Scientific and Pedagogical Workers and Employees of Educational Institutions "Interactive Technologies and Cloud Services in Online Education: The Experience of the European Countries and Ukraine" ("Interactive Technologies and Cloud Servers in online education: the experience of the countries of the European Union and Ukraine"). 

Cadets of KhNUIA took part in an educational training game on the development of local communities

Cadets of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs took part in the "Perezmist" project, which is implemented with the financial support of the EU and the corresponding UN program. The project is dedicated to the International Youth Day, its goal is to cultivate leadership qualities, civic consciousness, to acquaint cadet youth with the best and versatile experience of the activity of urban communities and self-government.