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To the attention of future applicants!

From November 1, 2021, the Portal for candidates from among civilians who wish to study in higher education institutions with specific learning conditions, which train police officers at the expense of the state budget (https://osvita.np.gov.ua), is open for filling in the application forms for applicants of the 2022 admission campaign.

Remember about Kruty (video)

Every year Ukraine honors the memory of the Heroes of Kruty. At the end of January 1918, four hundred students and high school students who heroically defended the young Ukrainian state were killed at the hands of the Bolshevik invaders in an unequal battle at Kruty railway station. Their feat is a symbol of patriotism and sacrifice of the Ukrainian people, who have always fought and continue to fight for the integrity and independence of the country.

Heroes of Kruty: destined to victory

Memorable January 1918...The Ukrainian revolution lasted for 10 months. The power of the Russian tzarism was overthrown, the statehood of Ukraine in the form of the Ukrainian People's Republic was restored, local authorities were established, and the Ukrainianization of education and culture took place. But a new enemy stood at the borders of Ukraine - Russian Bolshevism. The military power of the new Ukrainian state was insignificant and the help of a conscious national community was needed to defend the restored independence.

Kruty Heroes Remembrance Day

Scientific Library of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs has prepared a thematic exhibition "Kruty – the unquenchable flame of the Ukrainian will" for the memorable date of January 29, when Ukrainian community celebrates Kruty Heroes Remembrance Day.

KhNUIA in the rating "Top Universities by Citations in Top Google Scholar profiles"

The January 2022 issue of the Transparency Rating "Best Universities by Citation in the Best Google Scholar Profiles" has been published. The ranking is based on an analysis of citations of the 210 most cited authors of the university from publicly available Google Scholar profiles (except for the first 20).

University cadet Bohdan Moshenskyi won the right to participate in the Junior World Short Track Championship

Junior Short Track Championship of Ukraine took place in Kharkiv, with the participation of Bohdan Moshenskyi, a cadet of the Faculty № 3 of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs. He took III place in the 500-meter distance and II place in the 3,000-meter relay race. According to the results of the competition, cadet won the right to take part in Junior World Short Track Championship, which will be held in Hdansk (Poland).

Academic integrity and other criteria for improving the quality of scientific research

Senior Researcher of the Department of Organization of Scientific Activities and Protection of Intellectual Property of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs, Kateryna Maravska, took part in a webinar “Academic Integrity and other Criteria for Improving the Quality of Scientific Research”, organized by National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance.

Textbook "Legal regulation of administrative services (in schemes)" – received by the University Library

Scientific Library of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs received a new edition – "Legal regulation of administrative services (in schemes)": textbook. manual / Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Kharkiv. Nat. University of Internal Affairs; Ed. by Doctor of Legal Sciences, Prof., V.V. Sokurenko (O.V. Brusakova, K.O. Krut, I.V. Panova, etc.). - Kharkiv: KhNUIA, 2021.- 120 pp.

Representatives of Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs received certificates for participation in the academic mobility program

On the basis of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs 5 members of research and lecturing staff and 10 cadets of Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs during the week participated in the program of academic mobility between higher education institutions, which belong to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

Excursions around Kharkiv city for representatives of Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs

An introductory tour of Kharkiv city was conducted for the scientific and lecturing staff and cadets of Donetsk State University of Internal Affairs, who became participants in the academic mobility program. The guests got acquainted with the history of our city, its symbols, and historical, cultural and architectural monuments, famous people whose name is strongly associated with the city.