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Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs
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Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is the leading higher educational institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, which was established on November 22, 1994. The University of Internal Affairs received National status on March 2, 2001, by the Decree of the President of Ukraine.

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs provides all levels of multi-level education: Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, postgraduate and doctoral studies and trains specialists in the field of law, civil security, management and administration, social sciences and information technologies.

There are six Faculties, providing Bachelor’s and Master’s academic degree at the University.

Graduates of Faculty No. 1 (investigation faculty) can work in pre-trial investigation agencies as investigators).

Graduates of Faculty No. 2 are going to work in the units of criminal investigation and combating drug trafficking, in the field of economics protection and in other operational services.

Graduates of Faculty No. 3 can serve as inspectors of juvenile prevention, regulatory approval systems, on road traffic safety, psychologists etc.

Graduates of Faculty No. 4 occupy positions of investigators and criminal intelligence detectives in units for combating cybercrimes, human trafficking offences. Moreover, they can work in operational technical units and information and analytical units.

Faculty No. 5 provides a distance learning for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine specialists.

Faculty No. 6 trains Bachelor’s and Master’s academic degree specialists in “Law”, “Law Enforcement Activity”, “Psychology”, “Finances, Banking and Insurance”, “Cybersecurity”.

There are 5 Academic Councils with the right of acceptance for consideration and defense of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Law and Doctor of Philosophy.

The University has the Institute of Postgraduate Education, the Sumy Branch, the Centre of Primary Professional Training “Police Academy” of the Sumy branch.

The University has strong scientific-educational staff, who give classes to cadets, students, and trainees.

The University has military training areas, such as criminalistics police office, center for combating cybercrime and cyberspace monitoring, 100 meter long shooting complex, centers of correctional and psychodiagnostic activities, gender education, University’s museum, Scientific Park “Science and Security”,  the Center of Ukrainian-Polish development etc. Furthermore, there are unique classrooms, such as a courtroom, “Green Room” for providing assistance to the victims of violence, the legal clinic, where cadets and students can give free legal assistance to the general public.

The proper welfare conditions for cadets’ and students’ accommodation were created. There are rooms for self-preparation with access to the Internet and the gym. The University has a medical unit, canteens and café.

Sports base of the University consists of wrestling halls, exercise rooms, gyms and summer multifunctional sports complex, comprising areas for physical exercises, indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball etc. The stadium “Dinamo-Arena”, was built according to modern European standards. It is equipped with the modern lighting and has a press center, center of psychological aid, showers and locker-rooms.

The educational establishment has sections in a variety of sports, such as Muay Thai, Sambo, judo, track and field athletics, kettlebell lifting, chess, etc. Team sports, such as football, volleyball, basketball are very popular among the youth. Sportsmen of the university are the winners of the championship of Ukraine, Europe and the world.

The University of Culture operates on a voluntary basis, within this framework diverse cultural and educational activities and meetings with outstanding artists of Kharkiv take place. The youth visit theatres, galleries, art exhibitions, etc. Amateur-talent groups and groups of applied arts operate at the University. Cadets and students have the possibility to unlock their creative potential during various mass-cultural events.

Numerous squares, places for relaxation and alleys are a real decoration of the University. Different species of wood, decorative bushes, a large number of flowers are planted annually near academic buildings, playgrounds, administrative and other buildings of the University.

The staff of Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs has the distinguished title “The flagship of education and science of Ukraine”, it became the winner of All-Ukrainian educational rating “Sophia Kyivska” three times and it was honored by the Certificate of merit of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and it also has the other honors.

Address: L. Landau avenue, 27, Kharkiv, 61080, Ukraine

Email: odin.univd@gmail.com